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Uni Sprinkler

Hi-Tech Uni Sprinklers allow you to spread your Dairy Effluent over a large area, with a low application rate

The Hi-Tech Uni Sprinkler is a well proven and versatile sprinkler that is simple to use, and fits easily into existing irrigation systems that utilise travelling irrigators. This system allows farmers to have a low-application-rate irrigation option.
It also provides the ability to irrigate paddocks that are not suitable for a travelling irrigatior. It is simple to set up and move, which makes complete paddock coverage easier to achieve.


  • 4mm-5mm/hr application rate
  • 9-14mm nozzle size minimises the chance of blockages
  • Jet length of 15m-24m giving typical coverage from 700m² to 1800m², depending on pressure
  • Camlock fittings allow simple connection to irrigator drag hose
  • If drag hose is already on farm, then extra pipe is often not required
  • No tools are required to remove the sprinkler head


  • Gives farmers a simple, low cost option to spread their Dairy Effluent nutrients on land
  • Minimises the risk of runoff, ponding and leaching due to the low application rate
  • Increases the area that can be irrigated, such as sidlings
  • Can be used on land unsuitable for irrigators