Herringbone Systems

Herringbone Systems

An in-line stall set-up is an efficient, and economical solution for milking commercial herds.

Typically an in-line system requires a smaller building footprint than a rotary platform, which may be important when siting your dairy facility. Cows stand on an elevated linear platform in an angled or herringbone fashion facing away from the operator area. This exposes the udder of the cow to allow access to milk her from the side and room for a cup remover and associated equipment.

Waikato Milking Systems offers three in-line system options, Supa4, Loopline and Lowline.

Herringbone Supa4

Centrus composite dairy platforms are unique in the world – there simply are no substitutes or alternatives. Unlike concrete alternatives, which are built on site, each composite deck is manufactured…

Herringbone Loopline

Known for their strength and engineering integrity, Orbit platforms are well featured and designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Waikato Milking Systems and accessories. The design of an Orbit rotary platform…

Herringbone Lowline

The Revolution 1.9m concrete rotary platform is the ideal solution when all you want to do is “get milking”. It is a great choice if you are on a budget…