Revolutionizing Dairy Farming


In the dynamic world of dairy farming, precision and efficiency are paramount. At Moa Milking and Pumping, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity, improve milk quality, and streamline operations. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of milking systems, components, and innovative milk sensing equipment.


Rotary Milking Systems


The rotary milking system stands as a marvel of engineering. Cows gracefully rotate on a circular platform, allowing multiple animals to be milked simultaneously. This efficient setup minimizes labor, maximizes throughput, and ensures consistent milking routines. Whether you have a small or large herd, rotary systems adapt seamlessly, making them a popular choice for dairy farmers worldwide.


Herringbone Milking Systems


The herringbone system arranges cows at a 45-degree angle away from the machine. This unique setup provides easy access for milkers and allows efficient equipment placement. It’s practical, simple to operate, and widely used in New Zealand (69% of dairy farms). By adhering to a uniform milking process, you can optimize your herringbone dairy. Implementing strategies like maximum milking time (MaxT) ensures that each cow’s needs are met promptly.


Milking System Components and Parts


  • Milk Pumps: Centrifugal or rotary lobe pumps, coupled with VSD controllers, ensure efficient milk transfer.
  • Milking Clusters: These robust components connect cows to the milking system, ensuring gentle and effective milking.
  • Wash Systems: Keep your equipment clean and hygienic with reliable wash systems.
  • Vacuum Systems: Choose from liquid ring, blower, or oil vane vacuum pumps for optimal performance.
  • Plate Coolers: Efficient cooling maintains milk quality and extends shelf life.
  • Milk Recovery Systems: Capture every drop of valuable milk.
  • Pulsation Options: Optimize pulsation technology for cow comfort and udder health.
  • Cup Removers: Reduce manpower and enhance efficiency during milking.


Milk Sensing Equipment


We offer a range of milk sensing equipment and components including the Orbitor Rotary Gland, stainless steel milk filters which are made to high standards to effectively filter foreign bodies from the milk, and heavy duty bails for larger breeds of cow.

Rotary Milking Systems

All our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with your milking system, and with each other where beneficial.

Herringbone Systems

An in-line stall set-up is an efficient, and economical solution for milking commercial herds.

Milking System Parts

milking wash systems components

All our milking components are built to the highest standards to ensure you get the best possible milking performance from your herd.

Milk Sensing Equipment

Milk sensors play a crucial role in modern dairy farming, especially during the milking process.

At Moa Milking and Pumping, we’re not just about milking; we’re about empowering dairy farmers with smart solutions. From rotary systems to cutting-edge sensors, our commitment remains unwavering: to enhance your herd’s well-being, improve milk quality, and drive efficiency. Let’s milk smarter, together!