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Hydrant Lines

Installing and designing hydrant lines needs to be done right first time, getting it wrong could cost you dearly, in more ways than one.

With hundreds of hydrant line designs and installations, we know how to do it right. Some of the key things we consider when designing hydrant lines are:

  • The amount of the area that needs to be irrigated, now and in the future, to meet the council’s nitrogen application requirements.
  • Most suitable land to irrigate, avoiding waterways, poor contours, drains, housing, roads etc
  • Where to position hydrants and if they should have valves fitted to avoid large Dairy Effluent spills

It is not just a matter of putting any type or size of pipe into the ground, there are many things to consider first:

  • What diameter pipe do you use, as this can affect the size of the pump needed
  • The volume you wish to pump per hour
  • How far you want to pump now and in the future
  • The differing pressures over the length of the line requires different pressure ratings
  • Soil types, land contours, layout and temperature
  • The quality of the pipe to be used