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Stationary Flood Pumps

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The DODA range of Flood Pumps are designed to rapidly move large volumes of water.

They are ideal for flood protection/control and for returning flooded land back into production quickly. These stationary mounted pumps are very cost effective, compared to alternative pumping solutions, especially in situations where no power is available, or it is impractical to get power to the affected area.

DODA Stationary Flood Pumps are designed to operate in both vertical and inclined positions, and can be powered by either stationary diesel engine or PTO input (as well as an electric motor). Their smart design and rugged construction ensures continuous operation under adverse operating conditions, making them extremely reliable. An oil bath drive line with bearings and Widia mechanical seals (same as portable units) ensures minimal


  • Can be located virtually anywhere
  • Automatic start up available
  • Low horsepower requirement
  • Package includes shear-bolt driveshaft
  • Customised to any situation


  • No priming required
  • Returns flooded land back to production again quickly
  • Cost effective option for marginal land development


  • Galvanised or stainless steel
  • Large choice of sizes and performance
  • Choice of power options