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Heavy Duty Bails

The large scale 24/7 dairy farms in places like China and America often use larger breeds of cows to meet their production demands. To tackle such scenarios Waikato Milking Systems have developed a Heavier Duty Bail made from higher tensile strength steel than our traditional bails.

Built to exacting standards these heavy duty bails are built to withstand the 24/7 operation and add to the stability of the entire platform. The cow flow rate is high due to the unique design and makes for a great milking experience.

Features and Benefits
• Designed for high through-put 24/7, large scale dairy farms
• Retains our proven 3 rail high cow flow bail design
• Manufactured to the highest standards using robotic welding
• Larger profile for increased strength and robustness
• Top of the bail radial connection ensures maximum lateral strength