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Lowline Herringbones provide the fastest possible Herringbone milking routine, are extremely effective and efficiently manage high volume cows.

The Lowline is uniquely configured for a Herringbone System as the milk travels downwards as in a rotary, rather than upwards as in other Herringbones. The milk pipes in the Lowline are mounted in the pit, below the cow platform. The milk travels straight down from the cups into the Receiver Group, which helps maintain vacuum pressure.

This exceptional vacuum stability makes the milking procedure extremely quick. A choice of 63mm, 75mm or 100mm milk pipes is available for this system.

Another difference to other Herringbone styles is that a Lowline has one cluster per cow rather one cluster for every two cows.

• Lower vacuum level than high and mid line systems
• Suited for farms with less area to use for parlour
• Upgradeable with full range of automation

• Vacuum stability
• Flexible design allows the system to fit into any low-line or double cup dairies
• Tangential milk inlet allows for better cleaning