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SmartCONTROL is the high performance device you use to operate your premium Waikato Milking Systems new generation technology products including SmartECRs, SmartD-TECT and SmartSPRAY.

This user-friendly device gives you fast, intuitive control at your fingertips and full integration of the products with your milking system. The touch screen panel enables you to tune and operate each product connected to it. By selecting the product you want to program or change, you can make any adjustments easily, within the parameters of the menu options.

Another convenient feature of SmartCONTROL is its diagnostic alarm reporting. You are alerted to any alarm conditions of the individual products connected to the network, helping you make the best decisions at the right times.

A modern operating system known as CAN (Controlled Area Network) manages all communication between each product. As the technology develops, other products can easily be added to the CAN network and controlled by SmartCONTROL. This helps to future proof your system.

SmartCONTROL also acts as a central collection point for data generated by the products on the network, such as mastitis alerts from SmartD-TECT. This data can then be transmitted via SmartLINK to external herd management systems such as LIC’s Protrack Vantage. This gives you peace of mind that all the key products communicate well with each other, saving you time and ensuring the best outcomes.

• Touch screen interface
• Controls: SmartD-TECT, SmartECR and SmartSPRAY
• User adjustable settings
• Diagnostic alarm function

• One central control device per dairy for all new generation technology products
• Easy to use
• Allows for programming software updates
• Operator dashboard and data hub for new generation technology
• Operator can alter parameters on all new generation technology products throughout the season to suit milking conditions