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Range of Pontoons for Lakes & Ponds

Why choose a Hi-Tech pontoon:

  • The importance of safety placed in its design and manufacturing
  • Well spaced drums to maximise stability for safety
  • Hand rails and tread plates for safety
  • Safety signage
  • Well spaced drums to allow maximum circulation when stirring
  • Light weight compared to others, easier to lift in and out

The Hi-Tech Pontoon’s unique design is based on safety, whilst allowing maximum flow of Dairy Effluent to the pump and stirrer, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness, helping to avoid crust and effluent build up, and maximising delivery of nutrients out to pasture.

Hi-Tech Pontoons have been designed with safety in mind. Not only are they extremely stable and robust, but they also have hand rails and tread plates (5 drum pontoons and booms).

The strong and unique modular design ensures maximum stability whilst in operation on the pond, and also during maintenance of the pump and stirrer.


  • 3, 4 or 5 drum options
  • Pump and stirrers, or stirrer only options
  • Available in a modular kitset
  • Strong modular design
  • Fully hot dipped galvanised
  • Incredibly stable
  • Caters for all types and configurations of effluent pumps and stirrers
  • Capable of supporting pumps up to 30 HP with a stirrer
  • Range of boom arm lengths to suit the pond design

Safety First

  • Hand rails and tread plates on the booms
  • Hand rails and tread plates on the pontoon (5 drum)
  • Lifting points to remove from ponds


  • The unique design of the Hi-Tech Pontoon maximises the flow of Dairy Effluent in the pond, reducing crusting and Dairy Effluent solid build up. This means less maintenance on your pond, whilst maximising the distribution of nutrients to your pasture where it benefits you most.
  • Increased stability of the unique Hi-Tech Pontoon provides additional safety and comfort when servicing the pump and stirrer.