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Herring Bone & Rotary Shed Feed Systems

Moa Milking installs our own Feed Systems designed specifically for each shed, which can be implemented in either herringbone or rotary sheds.  We buy all of our components from quality manufacturer. Moa Milking works closely with customers to design and install Feed Systems. The systems are designed to work as efficiently as possible in each specific shed size and layout. Moa Milking’s components are sourced from world leading manufacturers and are top quality.


Moa Milking use top grade plastic silos.
We use New Zealand made silos from manufacturers that have been manufacturing storage solutions for dairy farming for over two decades.

• Longer Lasting
• More Hygienic
• Retain Value & Condition
• Eliminate the risk of internal moisture



Moa Milking’s custom feed controller is designed for simple use. Manufactured from high quality components and materials, they hold their value and last longer. They are easily applied to most herring bone and  rotary sheds, and include presets for different feed out rates.

• Cost effective production improvement
• Accurate feed budgeting
• Fewer issues with conception as cows cycle better
• Feed losses are minimised
• Equal amount of feed for each cow
• Low cost repairs & maintenance

Feed Bins


Moa Milking design feed bins to the needs and size of each shed. Using laser cutting technology and C&C folding enables us to optimise durability and quality. Customers can choose from welded seems, or riveted seems to suit their specific needs.

• Durable construction enabling bins to retain value
• Custom made to suit customers needs
• High quality materials to increase lifespan



Moa Milking design and manufacture our own Feed Dispensers. Our feed dispensers drop a minimum of 500g and a maximum of 5kg. Our tried and tested Feed Dispensers are constructed from high quality components and UV stabilised plastic.

• Easily control feed distribution
• High quality and durably designed and manufactured to increase life span



Moa Milking offers two models of feed delivery lines: PVC Model 350 & PVC Model 300. These lines consist of a UV stabilised PVC casing with a high quality 304 stainless steel auger inside.


• Accurate feed rates
• Easily operated
• 60g to 6kg of feed per cow