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Ponds & Tanks

What do I need to store and pump my Dairy Effluent from?

If you want to be able to remain compliant 365 days a year then you need to have enough storage to be able to avoid irrigating when the conditions are too wet. This is why everyone needs a pond which is typically lined with either EPDM (Rubber), HDPE (Plastic), or Clay. In certain situations, above ground tanks are also an option.

If you are unable to gravity feed from your stone trap and yard to the pond, you will need a tank to act as a pumping station. Getting the size of this right is also critical along with safeguards to avoid potential issues.

There is a lot involved in getting the right Pond and Tank; they are a big expense so it pays to get it right the first time.

We can

  • Size up your ponds and tanks
  • Provide advice on positioning of them
  • Provide pricing for ponds and tanks