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Orbitor Gland

Used in all Waikato Rotary systems, the Orbitor Rotary Gland is the main centre swivel used to transport milk, vacuum and power in a single unit.

Its unique design allows milk and air flow to pass through in a straight line, minimising restrictions and back pressures. Available with 8, 12, 16 or 20 electrical circuits, each rated to carry 20 Amps, the Orbitor Rotary Gland allows virtually any combination of milking technology to be run on the rotary platform.

A special data slip ring pack, which uses silver brush sets to switch data from herd management systems reliably through the swivel is available.

It is available with two gland sizes  – one designed for single receiver systems up to approx 70 bails and the other for larger rotaries.

• High-grade stainless steel construction
• Water resistant cover
• Designed to have up to 20 electric slip rings
• Comes complete with mounting pedestal
• Twin carbon brush sets on each slip ring
• Data transfer slip ring set available

• Allows operation of virtually any combination of milking technology on a rotary platform
• Easy installation
• Minimum vacuum drop and back pressure