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Close Couple Pumps

These pumps are ideal for when you want shore mounted pump options to allow for easier inspection and servicing.

These pumps have the same performance curves as the floating and sump tank pumps. We recommend and sell the DODA (Italian made) Close Couple Pump. The reason for this is that it provides the greatest pressure per kW of any centrifugal pump and is designed specifically for handling Dairy Effluent. We believe it is the best value for money on the market today. The DODA pump can also be supported with the market leading ‘chopper’, which is ideal for dealing with solids in Dairy Effluent.

Designed with the safety of the operator in mind

• Shore based meaning no one needs to go on the pond
• No exposed moving parts
• Comes with an Operation and Safety Manual

Designed with the environment in mind

• Can come with an anti-syphon valve to prevent the syphoning of ponds and tanks when the pump stops to help prevent environmental accidents
• Can be fitted with a flow switch, or a high and low pressure switch to help prevent environmental accidents
• When fitted with a variable speed drive and flow meter, it can deliver a very consistent volume over the entire irrigation area and matched with the correct irrigation equipment it should help to avoid ponding and run off.


  • Tough S.G. iron pump construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Tungsten carbide mechanical seal
  • Unique action pump head
  • Efficient pump head design
  • Electrically efficient motors
  • Models from 7.5 – 22 kw
  • Single or double delivery outlet
  • Mounting base

Optional Extras

  • Hand priming kit
  • Flow switch
  • Suction assembly complete with foot valve
  • Chopper attachment (add 5HP to motor size for chopping system)