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Mechanised sprinkler systems, such as pivotirrigation, are effective for covering large areas. Using a variable speed pump and a pressure sensor on the pivot automatically adjusts the pump performance to match the requirements for the pivot. This ensures higher irrigation uniformity, and keeps energy costs down. A pump controller offers the additional advantage of protecting the pump from dry-running or power supply irregularities, extending the lifetime of the pump.

Based on the expected range of water needs, Grundfos will supply the pumping system that will deliver an even flow and pressure to each nozzle along the pivot. Standard functionality in our variable speed drive compensates for the varying degrees of head loss in the line that is caused by variable flows.This protects against the risk of pipe burst, minimises leakage losses and keeps energy costs down. And if end-guns are part of the picture, our design will ensure correct pressure and irrigation uniformity right along the pivot.