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Monitoring Equipment

Why put in Monitoring Equipment?

  • Peace of mind
  • Staff accountability
  • Maximise fertiliser value in the Dairy Effluent
  • Minimise opportunity for issues with councils

There is no doubt that there is ever-growing pressure on farmers to ensure that their Dairy Effluent systems are compliant 365 days a year.
A key factor in achieving this is the ability to minimise risk through the use of monitoring equipment.

Monitors for travelling irrigators and sprinklers are already compulsory in parts of New Zealand, and its easy to see why, when you see what they can deliver for both farmers and the environment.

Stopping your pump automatically when your Cobra or travelling irrigator stop because the wire broke, it reaches the end of its run, or a pipe came loose, is a major safety tool. Avoid huge Dairy Effluent spills, as well as what comes after that.

Being able to accurately tell when and how much Dairy Effluent to apply to minimise risk and get the most out of it as a fertiliser is also an essential tool, along with pond level alerts.

Monitoring equipment is available for:

  • Cobras
  • Traveling irrigators
  • Stationary sprinklers and guns
  • Soil moisture deficit and how much Dairy Effluent you can apply
  • Pond levels, to avoid over flowing