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Sump Pumps

DODA (Italian made) long shaft pumps are the toughest and most durable pump on the market. They do not require greasing and are extremely efficient.

We believe DODA Pumps to be the best value for money on the market today. The DODA pump can also be supported with the market leading ‘chopper’ on it, which is ideal when you are dealing with solids in Dairy Effluent.

DODA Sump Pumps provide fast, reliable and efficient transfer of Dairy Effluent from tanks to irrigation systems or storage ponds. The range of sump pumps means that configurations can be customised, depending on the size of the tank, length of hydrant line and the nature of the Dairy Effluent. From both a health and safety, and time perspective, not having to grease them has major benefits too.

Designed with the safety of the operator in mind

• Our pumps require no greasing. That means no one needs to go out onto a pontoon or into a tank to grease them, Why take the risk of using pumps that need regular greasing, or grease cartridges replaced, help keep staff and others safe
• No exposed moving parts
• Comes with an Operation and Safety Manual

Designed with the environment in mind

• Comes with an anti-syphon valve to prevent the syphoning of ponds and tanks when the pump stops

• Can be fitted with a flow switch, or a high and low pressure switch to help prevent environmental accidents

• Very efficient power wise

• When fitted with a variable speed drive and flow meter. It can deliver a very constant volume over the entire irrigation area, and when matched with the correct irrigation equipment it should help to avoid ponding and runoff.


  • Superior reliability & performance are the hallmarks of DODA products
  • Greatest pressure per kW of any centrifugal effluent pump
  • Does not require greasing like other brands do
  • Difficult to beat where lift (pump head) is required
  • Tough S.G iron construction
  • Double tungsten carbide mechanical seals for durability
  • Oil bath lubrication to lower bearings (cannot rust or seize)
  • Unique action pump heads
  • Electrically efficient motors
  • Models from 7.5 – 22 kW
  • 2 – 4 metre shaft lengths

Optional Extras

  • Single delivery
  • Double delivery
  • Range of mounting brackets including custom made tank agitation system
  • Chopper (extra 4 kW required)