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Permanent set sprinkler systems are effective for covering large areas. Using a variable speed pump and a pressure sensor automatically adjusts the pump performance to match the requirements for multiple sprinklers. This ensures higher irrigation uniformity, and keeps energy costs down. A pump controller offers the additional advantage of protecting the pump from dry-running or power supply irregularities, extending the lifetime of the pump.

Unforgiving as frost can be, growers must be able torely on an effective frost protection system that starts automatically when temperatures fall. To ensure this and the necessary shielding layer of ice, our pumping systems together with correct spray heads can be the determining factor.

From our perspective the principles for ensuring this are the same as any other watering and irrigation system. By delivering water at the correct and constant pressure, our pumping systems deliver a uniform cloud of moisture that will cover and protect every surface of the crop.

Temperature sensors, data communication, and automation are easily integrated for reliable pump operation. And an alarm will be sent directly to the farmer if anything is amiss.