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Transfer Pumps

DODA (Italian made) transfer pumps can be counted on to handle thick Dairy Effluent on NZ farms, after decades of use in Europe they are a proven performer.

Typically, these pumps are used for transferring Dairy Effluent from a sump/tank to either a…

  • Separator
  • Large holding tank or pond
  • Recycling tank for flood washing

These pumps can deliver large volumes in a short time if required, but to low or moderate heads.

DODA Transfer Pumps are specifically designed for pumping thick waste which standard pumps cannot cope with. Rotating chopping knives finely chop solid waste, straw, maize and grass silage. Nozzles can be used to control the volume to the separator, and an optional propeller can be used to vigorously stir waste.

A specially designed pump head allows effortless pumping of large volumes to moderate heads.

Designed with the safety of the operator in mind

• Our pumps require no greasing. That means no one needs to go into a tank to grease them.
• Why take the risk of using pumps that need regular greasing or grease cartridges replaced, help keep staff and others safe.
• No exposed moving parts.
• Come with an Operation and Safety Manual.

Designed with the environment in mind

• Designed solely for transferring dairy effluent from a smaller tank to a larger pond or large tank. Take the risk out of forgetting to switch the pump from going to an irrigator rather than to the pond, resulting in irrigating when it’s too wet.
• As it can pump high volumes it will keep up with high rainfall events, so there should be no overflowing of the tank.
• High volume pump that saves a lot of power compared to a normal low volume pump doing the same job.


  • Market leading chopper blade
  • Double chopping system finely cuts all fibrous waste
  • Non-clogging open impellor design
  • Tough SG iron
  • Impressive performance – up to 270,000 litres per hour
  • Directional nozzles to control flow to separators

Optional Extras

  • ULTRA mechanical stirring propeller
  • Tank mounting brackets