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Milk Cooling Systems

Moa Milking supply and install a range of high quality Milk Cooling Systems that can be implemented on dairy farms of any size. Our focus is on quality systems, that retain value and perform consistently.

Ice Banks


Ice bank milk cooling systems are built for performance in dairy farm environments. Ice bank cooling systems are consist of a reservoir of ice cooled water which is circulated through a secondary plate exchanger which cools the milk as it is pumped to the vat.
Our ice banks offer you the confidence of knowing milk temperatures are well inside the parameters set by MPI temperature compliance regulations when it enters the vat.

• Implementation where primary cooling temperatures are high
• Farms with existing vat refrigeration with sufficient capacity for milk cooling
• Confidence in meeting temperature compliance through peak periods

• Uses off peak power
• Low power consumption
• Smaller carbon footprint
• Easy to install
• Little to no ongoing maintenance cost

Water Chilling


Water chilling is a universal solution to milk cooling needs and can be implemented on any dairy farm. Water chilling units bring tank water down to the recommended temperature of around 6°c which allows milk to enter the vat at around 9°c. Once in the vat a chiller maintains the industry standard milk temperature.

• Suitable to all farms
• Chills between milkings so extra load is not put on power supply
• Can be fitted to existing water tanks



Glycol Snap Chilling is designed for large scale, continuous operation. Inverter technology powers the snap cooling unit which allows it to deliver power savings of around 40% compared to a standard compressor.
Standard technology is also compatible with glycol systems.

• 40% more efficient than standard compressors
• Milk is consistently and efficiently chilled to 6°C before reaching the vat
• System can be scaled to suit the needs of any farm