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Why use a Raingun?

Key reasons for using a raingun are that they:

  • Can handle up to 170m3 per hour
  • Can cover a larger area very quickly
  • Can apply between 4-8mm application rate per hour
  • Don’t block as often as other irrigation equipment due to larger nozzle sizes

We stock a range of SIME rainguns and parts, which are made in Italy. These are high pressure, high volume guns that are designed to stand up to New Zealand farming conditions. They are durable and robust, ensuring a long service life. These are ideal for spreading Dairy Effluent on land where the contour is unsuitable for travelling irrigators, or you need to pump large volumes in a hurry.


  • Suitable for Dairy Effluent and water irrigation
  • Wide range of volumes and application rates
  • Simple to set and adjust
  • High quality materials and construction
  • Pressure gauge to allow selection of correct nozzle size
  • Range of nozzle sizes

Optional Extras

  • Towable sled
  • Layflat and hard hoses
  • Hose reels