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PTO Pumps (Doda)


We offer 3 sizes of PTO Pumps. Which one depends on the volume to be pumped, the solid content of the Dairy Effluent, the distance to be pumped, irrigation equipment and the head of the system.

Designed with the safety of the operator in mind

• Shorebased meaning no one needs to go on the pond
• Heavy duty frame to prevent twisting
• Connections for sway arms and top links to provide stability
• Adjustable legs to provide a level and stable base
• PTO drive shaft cover
• No exposed moving parts
• Comes with an Operation and Safety manual

Designed with the environment in mind

• Antisyphon valve option available to prevent the syphoning of ponds when the pump is stopped
• A flow switch, or a high and low pressure switch can be fitted to help prevent environmental accidents
• A timer can be fitted to shut the tractor or motor down to prevent over application

Why a DODA PTO pump?

Essentially, what makes the difference between the DODA PTO Pump and other brands is that the DODA product is engineered and developed for pumping heavy thick slurry, while other brands have been designed to pump water and light slurry only.

Dairy Effluent ponds can be very thick, especially as you get towards the bottom of the pond. Even with the pond stirred up, it is essential to have a product designed to handle heavy, as well as light, slurries. This is why DODA pumps are so often used by pond pumping contractors.

You can tell just by looking at a DODA that it is built to last, with quality, robust design, and cast iron parts, setting it apart from competitor’s pumps. There is also a full range of parts available in New Zealand.


  • Superior reliability & performance are the hallmarks of DODA PTO Pumps
  • Tough S.G iron construction
  • Designed to pump Dairy Effluent not just green water
  • Industry leading chopping system
  • Can pump up to 228,000 litres an hour

Optional Extras

    • Suction hoses from 2.5m to 10m in length, with inlet cages
    • Drive shaft
    • Semi auto primer for the PTO 27 and 35
    • Cut off switch to prevent dry run
    • Timer to stop tractor pump when required