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Total Dairy Herd Management System

The AfiMilk comprehensive herd management system provides you with a user friendly and professionally designed tool to meet the many challenges of daily decision-making on farm.

AfiMilk provides factual, co-related data and trends to help you manage breeding, nutrition, health monitoring and management, herd movement, buying and selling of animals, quota production management and more.

AfiMilk herd management tool modules include:
• Milking efficiency
• Animal health reports
• Veterinary module
• Drug management
• Animals for insemination
• Production (quota) management
• Cow culling

A flexible and powerful query and report generator will help you or your dairy manager create customised tools to meet your local managerial needs.

• Cow health reports
• Comprehensive fertility analysis reports
• Production management tool
• Milking efficiency measurement
• Technical fault reports

• A long term solution for herd and farm operations
• Helps to make informed decisions
• Leads to profitable farm operations

AfiMilk MPC - Milk Meter

Simple to use with smart performance, the AfiMilk MPC, ICAR* approved, Milk Meter gives you full control of the milking station.

It integrates with the AfiMilk herd management system to collect and display vital information relevant to the operator. The information includes milk yield, flow rates, milking times, conductivity, mastitis alerts, health codes and kick off alerts relating to the cow being milked at the milking point. It integrates with the AfiMilk herd management system to collect and display vital information relevant to the operator. The information includes milk yield, flow rates, milking times, conductivity, mastitis alerts, health codes and kick off alerts relating to the cow being milked at the milking point.

Thousands of satisfied customers say installing AfiMilk MPC – Milk Meter as a part of their milking system has improved their operations significantly.

• ICAR approved
• Interfaces with the Afimilk herd management system
• Comes with a control panel at the milking point
• Optional external start button

• Displays individual animal’s milking data
• Enables messages to be sent by the operator to the Afimilk system
• Collects valuable data on milking, health, kick off alerts
• Assists crucial herd management decisions
• Detects mastitis

AfiFree 305 - Flow Indicator

The AfiFree 305 – Flow Indicator gives you hands-on, accurate data at the source for smart decision-making.

The unit features a measuring chamber and electronic control display allowing you to make practical decisions based on accurate animal health and milk quality information – on the spot.

Free-flow measurements of milk weights, conductivity, milking time and flow rates are provided. Smart, simple and compact, AfiFree 305 helps you maximise profits by providing you with animal data, health codes and kick off alerts in a clear 4 digit display.

The user friendly units are installed at a comfortable working height and within easy sight and operation at each milking point. AfiFree 305 is available in two configurations – one that is connected to Afimilk software with an online indicator, and one that is not so connected and has an offline indicator.

• Measuring chamber and electronic control display
• Easily accessible
• Visual alerts for quick decision-making
• Available as part of the Afimilk herd management software package or as a stand alone product

• Measures milk weights, conductivity, milking time and flow rates
• Accurate and immediate information at the source
• User friendly
• Maximises profit by giving real time alerts and data

AfiAct: Collects & Stores Data

AfiAct detects heat events by measuring the activity of the cow via data collected from an ID pedometer attached to the cow’s legs.

This assists you in improving the fertility and health of your herd. AfiAct can be used as part of a complete Afimilk system or as a stand-alone heat detection module for either cows or heifers.

This heat detection method is based on scientific research showing the co-relation between increases in activity and heat events. The Pedometer counts the cow’s steps and sends the data to your computer where it is analysed to indicate cows in heat.

Pedometer Plus is another option which measures the wellbeing of individual cows and the herd by measuring rest and restlessness of individual cows and sending the data to your computer. This enables you to be well informed of their welfare and to respond early to potential health or environment issues. Pedometer Plus is the only tag in the world that monitors and improves cow welfare.

• Collects and stores valuable and accurate data
• 24×7 all year round heat detection
• Records historic heat and lactation data of an animal
• Available as a stand alone product or as a part of the Afimilk Herd Management system

• Accurate data assists effective decision-making
• Monitors cow well being and activities
• Detects health and breeding problems early
• Saves labour and vet costs
• Reduces unnecessary culling
• Improves herd fertility

AfiSort - An Extra Pair of Hands

AfiSort is a powerful management tool that automatically drafts your cows based on your choice of criteria, saving you time and money and ensuring no cow is left unattended.

The computerised gate control system allows you to separate cows for veterinary checks, insemination or other purposes. On a medium or a large sized dairy farm tracking, selecting and monitoring cows for breeding, vet treatment or pregnancy can take a lot of time. The AfiSort system chooses the targeted cow from the mass and directs them accordingly.

AfiSort consists of pneumatic separation gates, automatically controlled by an Afimilk computer to direct cows into treatment areas.

Separation of cows can be set to specific dates and time of day, according to the routine of your herd. Cows are selected for treatment according to criteria you set in your Afimilk program, or by sending a separation command directly from the dairy via the milk meter interface.

• Pneumatic sorting gates
• Computerised herd control
• Automated selection of cows
• You set the criteria
• Works with AfiFarm database to select and sort cows automatically

• Saves time and labour
• Accurate and consistent sorting method
• Sorts cows for breeding, health and other purposes
• Ensures no cow is left unattended
• Helps maintain productivity

AfiWeigh - Automatic Weighing

AfiWeigh is an AfiMilk module that automatically determines a cow’s body weight and stores it in the AfiMilk database.

The AfiWeigh system consists of one or multiple weighing platforms installed on the route cows follow when approaching or departing the milking platform. Each cow walking over the weighing platform is automatically identified and weighed.

The data downloaded into the cow’s individual database enables body weight based reports to be generated. These are an essential component in successful dairy farm management. This whole process is completed without interfering with herd traffic to and from the platform.

AfiWeigh is a decision support tool that significantly improves efficiency as well as increasing the entire production of the herd. Working in combination with other data parameters in the AfiMilk system, AfiWeigh data enables identifying cows that are late in regaining post partum weight, estimating dry matter intake and monitoring stress and health problems.

• Efficient cow weighing and identifying
• Connects to the Afimilk Herd Management System software
• Weighs cows up to 3 times a day
• Involves one or more weighing platforms

• Cows are identified at the weighing platforms
• Data stored in the Afimilk Herd Management System software every weighing for comparisons
• Helps keep an eye on cow health
• Helps maintain productivity


AfiLab is a real-time milk analyser. It transfers information about milk components to the AfiMilk Herd Management software as milk flows through the milking system each milking.

Installed at every milking point between the milk meter and milk collection line, it collects vital data about each individual cow every milking. It enables you to improve milk production through early identification of feeding and health problems.

AfiLab measures fat, protein and lactose content. It can also identify the presence of blood in milk. AfiLab is an effective and advanced dairy management device.

AfiLab applications:
•Daily milk component data
•Health monitoring
•Feed monitoring
•Milk quality monitoring
•Early detection of metabolic disorders
•Enables you to feed optimal rations based on the true requirements of your cows

• AfiLab measures fat, protein and lactose content – each cow, each milking
• Analysed data appears in Afimilk computer system when each cow leaves the dairy
• Virtually self-operating

• Provides real-time online analysis of milking data
• Early identification of animal health and feeding problems
• Assists decisions around feeding, animal health and milk processing efficiency